As part of my on going celebrations in reaching a certain mile stone in my life,  I had a deep calling to explore and immerse myself in my home land a little more. I say this with a degree of hesitation, as here on the border on South Wales I can actually see England from my bedroom window and on Rugby days it is easy to find an English pub full of Welsh supporters and vice versa.

Cambrian Fern

Once the bright lights of city fun enticed me in my younger years, it is the stark beauty of our natural wilderness that beckons me now. I need no excuse to pack up the van and head West into the Wilds of Wales. It is hard to believe that we live on a little over crowded island when the population density of these green rolling hills is so low. In many ways this country is a place where time has remained relatively still. One motorway, three cities, agriculture and tourism.  It is fair to say that little has actually changed in the last two decades in contrast to the rampaging infra structure and commerce that has raced away across the border.

The rugged beauty of this land never ceases to inspire me and take my breath away.  Whilst touring around it is a joy to hear young people speaking their native language, keeping their traditions alive. It is always a pleasure to meet the local people and bear witness to the way their lives have been and are being shaped by their environment. This is a proud nation with a rich heritage to be treasured. - Wales

Now in 2013, the United Kingdom has such an incredibly diverse multi-cultural society.  At a time when so many people have never before been so removed from their natural environment and their direct connection to the land and it’s native people….. I ponder …….Who are we and how do we define ourselves?  It is these questions that fascinate me more and more.
How does one define who they are in the 21st century?

The older you get the more you get to know yourself.  I know my roots, I have chosen to live closely connected to the land, ‘I know what I am like.’
I would go as far as to say that I am happy!.
But of course it has not been plain sailing, what have been the key factors that have shaped my life and in turn shaped me to be the woman, mother, artist., that I am today?