I have been a girl of very few words for the simple reason that  March has been crazy and i have been scampering around all over the place.

Spring frolicked into life soon to be over shadowed by what can only described as summer temperatures, bringing forth some of the earliest recordings for many of our native spring flowers

I would like to quietly mark the passing of dear friends who will be sadly missed.

I would  like to loudly celebrate the Marriage of two Special friend’s.



This month I have celebrated 80th Birthdays in hot sunshine, 15th Birthdays zooming through the woods on zip wires, loved sipping beer through the six nations, attending house warmings for departing friends and sharing fabulous food with those still near

With pop concerts, first aid courses and seminars too it is sometimes hard to see where the space is for work at all.

But work i have, non stop in fact.

This month i completed 3 large scale pieces and as you see from the rather unflattering picture to your right i am starting the next. I have enjoying the benefits of a new carving bar on the chainsaw and i am presently up grading the computer technology so I hope to be soon enjoying the benefits of that too.

I have been photographing the completed pieces ready to start  advertising my first solo sculpture exhibition. The show is will be held this summer and will be entitled  On the Door Step  ……. details will follow shortly!



To round off this hectic few weeks before the Easter over indulgences commence and well needed and highly anticipated trip to Snowdonia was taken….and it did not disappoint!

It is a stark reminder that a true break is often not just about the getting away but when you are somewhere without news, internet access or mobile reception – then that is a true break and the world quite happily gets on without you.