There have been a few days besieged by trials and tribulation.

A bout of ill health………. perhaps to mark the change of seasons or is it to mark the end of the Cote du Rhone brought back from our glorious holiday?

Then came a cruel visit from Mr fox that provided him a feast and for us the demise of half our lovely pet ducks.  For me, the saddest part was to loose my most favourite duck that had spent it’s first weeks following my orange crocs around the house whilst enjoying under floor heating and a flat screen tv.

On the plus side…..

September and October so far have been amazing providing opportunity for super walks and even a post Birthday cake and cava picnic.

It is true to say that today we are seeing the first true nip in the air hinting at things to come.

My son came home from school the other day reliably informing me that the sun has an 11 year cycle and the reason for two very cold previous winters is because it is nearing the end of one of its cycles and thus emitting lower radiation levels.  This is why there is all this talk of snow in October.

I am of course am no authority on this subject  but –  No, I do not buy it.

Will I be left eating my words?????

Nature continues to issue exquisite colours, shapes and forms in this season of transformation as we gallop towards the changing of the clocks.

Despite the many distractions there has been a great deal of activity this week.

I have been fibre glassing, concreting, chiselling, and sorting out images for Christmas cards that will be on sale very soon……..

I have been working upon a 2 piece sculpture that is inspired by cyclamen seed heads that I photographed earlier in the year. I  am really interested in the relationship between the forms.  This idea started as a stone carving however I felt that stone I was using would not be robust enough to cope with fragile curves so for now have opted for fibre glass that already seems infinitely more sensible and great fun.

Cyclamen seed heads

Extract from sketch book. one of my many pages of scribbling.

Seed heads