Earlier this week I was exchanging emails with a dear friend of mine who once shared my studio here and who now resides in Spain. It is clear from her words that the euro crisis is very real and that the Spain she moved to 5 years ago has surged further into an economic hole.

She reminisces about the beautiful Valley and how she misses the green but not the fog. This fog is the one thing i least desire living here.  It is playful fog at this time of the year,  it is in January when it can sit on your lawn for 4 or five days when i dream most of Spain.

The one thing i can say about landscaping, building or sculpting around these parts is that your office is usually pretty spot on. I spent some week in the summer building a roof whilst chatting to the swallows who sang next to me on the telephone wires.

This week as i started a new sculpture,  i marvel at the space i am in.









It is nearing the end of October. To date there have been no frosts to talk of which is usually key to a good display of autumn colour however it is still looking pretty gorgeous from here. As i started working upon this stone based sculpture the mist was swirling around the trees, one minute obscuring then the next giving up it’s secrets.

The sun is creeping over the horizon now as late as 8.30, it is a sure sign that the clocks are due to go forward.









The studio became an hive of activity because some days i had to retreat from the well needed rain. Here we are still without drinking water from our spring and you only have to dig down a few inches to find the soil as dry as a bone. Many of the trees are still displaying signs of drought and the river remains startlingly low for the time of year. I do think that there is a silent drought going on in many parts of the country.

I have been working upon my fibreglass forms, applying colour and began to make a wire structure for the next larger fibreglass pieces.

Inside the house, the first draft of the website was ready for me to see and the first proof for Xmas cards came from the printer….all really exciting.

I must not over look the fact that it is half term and so there have been various child related activities to fit in. My favourite was a walk in the Black mountains at the beginning of the  week. Once one had over come the moaning from certain members of the group, we had a great stomp full of nonsense and the usual banter ending in the pub for more banter and of course nonsense. With some crazy statistic about the amount of country pubs closing week by week it seems more important than ever to support our local. Well that’s my excuse and i am sticking with it ;-)

On our walk we came upon this tree.  Rumour has it that this sweet chestnut is 850 years old.

If all five of us linked hands we could not reach round this amazing tree. In the mirky depths of my memory i remember doing the maypole dance at Tintern abbey when i was a lot shorter  to celebrate it’s 850 year anniversary.

So here i am leaning against something that started growing at the same time that the first stones were placed down to build the abbey. I cant really get my head round that, as they say – if only it could talk.