To quote BBC’s first autumn watch show this series, “the Wye Valley is home to more wildlife then any other habitat in the UK.”

This is my home and this is where I live and work.  I am constantly buzzing from the sights that appear before me in the Valley.

Especially now – abundance, abundance, abundance.

October arrived in a sultry haze, temperatures soaring to beyond those that the summer had bought us. Following that incredible warm spring trees are now bowing down under the weight of fruit, in some cases over loaded to breaking. Apples, pears and damsons, in the garden raspberries, a second crop of strawberries, tomatoes, kiwis, figs, sweet corn, the list is endless. Admittedly one can occasionally have too much of a good thing and I have to say….I am sick of stewing apples.

So as we stride speedily into October I have been busy soaking up and catching the images that are all around me. Taking these into the studio, I have been energetically enjoying the last few weeks of feeling warm in there before the winter chill kicks in.

Here are just a few of the Autumnal images to feast on.

Parasol Mushroom

Pear overload