Through my work I aim to try and capture the true essence of the subject. I am almost always outside in the elements observing, learning and interacting and it is through this process that I develop a deeper connection with the world around me.

Photography in the Landscape is my first creative response to this glorious landscape. I am captivated by the raw essence of every unique brief and fleeting moment and natures ephemeral and transitory qualities. In turn, these observations and sketches provide the valuable source material for my other two projects.

Art of the Landscape aims to capture the beauty and essence of the natural elements which can be found in our environment. These are low impact often ephemeral images that are a product of me playing and having fun with nature and in some cases may only last for a matter of minutes.

Art in the Landscape is an innovative series of sculptures made predominantly using materials that I have sourced locally. Most of them are designed to be shown in pairs or groups exploring the theme of relationships. I like to choose materials that have their own identity and bring their own qualities to the piece.