Whilst there was a fair amount of over induldence during the festive period my ‘rural ramblings’ continue as normal through the woods and down the lanes of this lovely valley.
It is easy to think that it has rained incessantly for weeks now, which of course it has but I have been blessed with some glorious sunrises. The reward of making the effort to actually set the alarm and get up pays me dividends and is the greatest way to start your day.
I just love the magical streams of warm sunlight that filter through the winter forests and bring colour and vibrance to every aspect of the sleeping landscape. Just for a short while you are part of natures most vivid painting.
Please check back or like my gemmakatewood facebook page and join in with my creative adventures throughout 2016.  I will leave you with a sunrise that greeted me on New Year’s eve and Wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Sunrise from the Wizard's Tower