www. gemmakatewood.com has been a little quiet recently.
That is because Gemma Kate Wood is not one for sitting still has been out and about making and creating projects else where for most of this glorious summer. There have been studio days and new pieces of work are underway exploring new techniques, new materials and a new subject.

There was talk of this being the first day of Autumn. I did feel the need to pull on a sweater over my gorgeously suntanned shoulders but the clouds parted and sun shone giving way to that super September, harvest ripening warmth.
Most of the time I can be found, radio on…..tunes playing working just outside the back of the studio. I far prefer the natural light and space and to top it off, the swallows have had a second brood and today they fledged. All day I was entertained by the elated chirps of these young birds on their new found wings.

If this spectacle was not enough of a delight, more often than not….I can be noted by my absence as I wondered off and can be found grazing on the numerous fruits that can be glimpsed from my work bench.

It is true to say…one can get easily distracted!