It is a precious time, a time that symbolises the beginning of my favourite part of the year. Decorated in an almost luminescent glow, the landscape is starting to come alive with new life and with it, new hope.

I make no bones about it, this winter has been a challenge…. unusually long and unusually harsh.
It is rare but I have lost working days to the cold and worked out through a number of biting blizzards.
I always trust that mother nature knows best yet I cant help feel that the effects of this period will have left their mark and that they will only be revealed to their true extent as the season goes along.

Spring in the valley

I find that in the cold it is quiet hard to be creative. When the over riding instinct is survival the ease and flow of creativity seems to echo it’s environment and freezes over. It is prompting me to look at my studio space and place more consideration into the heating of it next season.
It has however been a time of gathering…images, ideas, sketches, materials, techniques etc
Okay when I look at it like that, perhaps I have been productive!
I have been particularly interested in the forms and textures that this long period of cold has brought us. Just this morning I was snapping our native harts tongue fern (Asplenium scolopenrium) up in the wood behind us and really enjoying the natural sculptures of last years tired leaves.

Long winter ferns

So like the lamb, perhaps it is time to turn over a new leaf and do a little bit of lolloping! :-)