My Valentines week was full of love and sharing and all the things that makes for a warm heart.

Someone recently described my life as being very honest.
They were commenting on my very real and at times raw connection with the countryside in my every day life.  I always welcome other peoples thoughts and comments, they are fascinating and are vital in helping to shape ones perspective upon oneself.
Equally i love the perspective that a change brings and this weekend we drove up to the big smoke for an injection of all things city. We had tickets to see Snow Patrol which ironically because of the snow was nearly No Patrol.

We spent Saturday enjoying the long overlooked hospitality of friends which was truly wonderful. Later that evening we took the tube into town.
London has changed. It has been some 15 years since i lived there. Visually it does not look different, apart from the odd building like the Gerkin, London’s skyline remains unchanged.
The amazing plethora of people also looks the same to me. The noticable difference i see is the platforms that each religion and nationality now have. It seems that like never before, everyone is starting to have a voice. Of course i am setting myself to be shot down as a so called ‘day tripper’ and i am all too aware of the inequality that still besieges the streets but i believe things have changed in a really positive way just in these few short years.

This made me ponder …..if it is the culture of the place that gives it’s three dimensional quality. The foods, the colours, the smells, the beliefs and the rhythms. As an artist i am especially drawn to all these components so i ask myself….What is it that defines London?
I am not sure if i can answer that however that evening i was reminded about the power of music and it’s ability to unify. There is something truly incredible when 16.000 weird and wonderful people are all singing along to just one song.

Meanwhile back at home,
With the rarest of events – Valentines with no children.  We decided to do something simple and non commercial, we stayed in and made flames.

Here in Wales BBQ’s start early. This is our first one of the season and i think we might just be out in front, although i am sure someone else in the village is about to tell me otherwise.








I have to apologise for the blurred image but make no apology for posting it.
My very first Dutch Oven loaf and i am so proud…. so proud that it had to be shared. My Valentines eve was spent with a nice gathering of people around the fire with fabulous food and wine. I believe it was better than any restaurant could have served………….CHEERS!