A week of running in and out, in and out with tools and equipment through rain, sleet and snow.

To be fair, I have been so absorbed with making and trialing new tools i have very little else to say.

However by far my greatest concern….and may i firstly qualify that this is probably a major concern of any rational person who works out of doors for a living is their Boot status.
Now as we all know, it takes hard work, stamina, extreme conditions and of course dedication to turn those unsightly shiny new steel toe caps into things of beauty.


Two years and three months and what do we have – undoubtedly things of beauty!
We all know artists have drawn and painted old musty leather boots for centuries. We have all received the ubiquitous ‘Robin sat on Boot’ Christmas card or jigsaw puzzle.
It is clear that these have someway to go however here is the dilemma. I may now be having to face the reality of being the new kid on the block with some crisp new specimens as the water defense program of this pair is ceasing to operate effectively, hence the plastic bags.

So is it to be a new shiny pair?
Nah, shiny new plastic bags for me, yippee!!

Else where there have been complaints.  Over recent years my work has been mainly concerned with the use of stone, cement and concrete. Despite meticulous care and attention to leave the mess outside inevitable some does find it’s way in to the house and in particular into the bath. Even after washing the bath down my other half still moans that it is like being exfoliated with a brillo pad.  So imagine my frustration when i have clearly gone to a lot of trouble to change my working material just to find that he is complaining that the wood chip is worse.

I mean, i ask you, the ingratitude can be too much sometimes!