Yey, Happy New Year everyone!
I know, I know, rumour has it that it started 5 days ago.
Here we are…..2012, so is this the end of the world as we know it?

My son’s very first book was called Winnie Pooh and the blustery day and that summed up my day in a nutshell.
Today i set out with camera in hand. I wanted to photograph a piece that i have been working on made from a silver birch tree that had been felled. The sky was particulraly dramatic as i had hoped it would be and this would help bring out the colours of the landscape.
Well i surely had to laugh at myself.
Like Pooh, i am waddling about with my round belly stuffed full of mince pies, wine, chocolate and all the wonderful Christmas indulgences up to my knees in mud and water.  I find that i had lulled myself into a false sense of security by assuming the storm had gone through. Out of no where the heaven opened and trees are lobbing their branches frantically left right and centre and there i am standing in the middle of a Bog, freezing cold and dripping wet.

The image above was captured a few weeks ago as i hankered after a taste of Christmas. A brisk trot above the snow line up on to the Sugar Loaf in the Black Mountains was magical, followed by a decent to Crickhowell for Hot Chocolate and mulled wine. This happily forefilled my Narnian imagination.

Since then, Winter has done very little to demonstrate that it is here. On the 1st January every year, my folks take part in a survey to count the plants that are flowering in and around the garden.  The record from previous years has been 47.
This year, a staggering 92 different flowering species were found blowing all other years well out of the water………I myself have seen my first daffodil and Spanish bluebells!

I was musing about how the Gregorian calendar really is a human construct. The more time i spend outside observing nature the more i realize that the seasons really have no beginning and no end, nature just flows effortlessly, absolutely unaware of time and simply responding appropriately to the weather’s antics.

As i have already alluded, my work is being greatly influenced by the abundance of felled timber around me that is a product of general garden maintenance at this time of year. I am very busy, cutting, carving and sawing.
Now, I am a girl who is never adverse to a spot of Chanel or Prada however, by far my most favorite gift this year is my new designer chainsaw helmet……sure to be on the catwalk in London fashion week!