Our veggie patch is nothing to write home about. It is a very small piece of ground outside the back door that awaits an extension.

Until such times, a couple of afternoons last winter were spent transforming it with a few planks, screws, a bit of gravel and tonnes of the essential duck poo and compo mix into a thriving space. Not only did the peas, beans, courgettes, strawberries, lettuce, toms, carrots, spuds, onions and herbs bring the shopping bill down and go along way to feeding hungry mouths but the colours from the marigolds, nasturtiums, corn flowers and sweet peas provided and equally nourishing feast for the eyes.

And as if i was not lucky enough, i happen to live next to Mr and Mrs Mcgregor who grow the most phenomenal amounts of sumptuous fruit and veg and when there is a glut the yields just happen to arrive at my door. I wish not to be vulgar by talking of monies but it is important and i reckon that the weekly grocery bill has been reduced by about a third from July to Sept. Even in the small way we approach growing our own the ‘benefits are huge.’