So today i look out of my window and to be fair….it is horrible. Drizzling, overcast and chilly, proving to be a bit of shock after the weekend. In many ways this is no bad thing as it pushes me in to the studio for great spells of activity.

My little studio received a make over last week as i fitted new shelves and tried to stream line it’s contents. I find that in the month that i have been back working in there, my confidence grows and ambitions soar as the scale and size of my pieces increase.

I have dreamt of this opportunity for some time but of course it is not all plain sailing. I always have a creative project on the go but this commitment to produce a whole body of work for show is new to me. It is exciting but to be frank, it is quite daunting too. I am having to dig quite deep at times, i am putting my money where my mouth is and that is often scary. One is forever full of great ideas yet we all know that the realities of the ‘doing’ is always different and much harder than you think.


GKLandscapes 2009

I am finding that my building and landscaping experiences have trained me for this time.  When you have dug up someone’s back garden and you have a digger blocking their back door, there is mud up the walls and they are looking at you in a state of shock and disbelief, remember to smile and say it will be fine!

Put your head down and get on with it.

And it will be fine, it always is!  :-)

Rain Droplets

And i never have to go too far for inspiration and things to feed the soul. Super meals with friends, camp fires in the woods, meals out and scenes like this…..