…….And in my case quite literally!

When you live somewhere like this, you never take it for granted.
Progress here has been brilliant.
As you see the website is up and running.
The cards are printed packaged and selling fast.
In the studio there has been a hive of activity and in between rain showers i have been diving out into the countryside producing some new images for the Art of the Landscape collection.

However, one can have too much of a good thing so last weekend i set off in pursuit of an Urban Vibe. How I am still smiling.
Bristol is certainly the new Barcelona.

When we visited Barcelona a couple of years ago, both Steve and i were wowed by the graffiti that adorned every wall, shutter and pavement in parts of the centre of the city. It was all purposeful, brilliantly executed and vibrant. Now here on my doorstep i find an equally exciting scene.

Of course most of us recognize the iconic images of Banksy and perhaps this trend should be attributed to his success but the streets of Bristol now speak for themselves.


This site catalogues most of the ever evolving work. If you have a spare afternoon or two this winter and want some colour in your life – i highly recommend wrapping warm and going for a stroll around the heart of Bristol  remembering to stop for a coffee or indeed something stronger.